Sending Love, Sending Eco Blankets to Haiti

DA.AI Eco Blankets are distributed to the disaster area, from sea rescue to people who live in the mountains, from children to lonely isolated seniors, no matter it is homeless people cowering in the cold night, or refugees who are drifting in the cold, every of the DA.AI Eco Blankets brings together the love of all people and sends the kindness of Tzu Chi to the disaster relief sites around the world, warming and comforting the body and mind of the victims.

Haiti, this country ravaged by coups, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Its territory and lives are fragile, and it is impossible to rise from the bottom on its own in a short period of time. Tzu Chi combined multiple resources to initiate disaster relief operations. The volunteers in Kaohsiung Gangshan Chapter also cooperated in packing and urgently shipped Eco blankets to Haiti to comfort the affected victims.

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