Eco Friendly Blankets

Distributed during Tzu Chi’s international disaster relief,
helping to warm and soothe the aching hearts of survivors.

Eco-friendly blankets filled with love

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Keep yourself and others protected with our exclusively designed personal protective equipment (PPE).



An astonishing 91% of plastic isn't recycled. Thus, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic ultimately ends up in our oceans each year, killing millions of marine animals. Change starts with becoming informed.



Discover how DA.AI reduces the burden that discarded plastic waste items put on Mother Earth.



Intertwined with each of these threads is a deep love for all people and the environment.


Turning Plastic into Love

It’s time to rethink plastic recycling. When we throw away our garbage, many plastic materials end up in landfills or flow into our oceans, which harms the planet we call home. Thanks to the innovative DA.AI Technology, our plastic waste can be refurbished with a new purpose that helps to protect the Earth instead of harming it. With a little bit of love and a small act on your part, our trash can be transformed into gold. Let’s change how we recycle plastic!

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Coming to the Aid of Dixie Fire Survivors in Northern California

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Sending Love, Sending Eco Blankets to Haiti

Sending Love, Sending Eco Blankets to Haiti

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Eco Far-Infrared Warm Eye Mask

Eco Far-Infrared Warm Eye Mask

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Environmental Protection Tzu Chi Model

Inspired by Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings to “coexist with the Earth,” DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd. vows to "Turn trash into gold, gold into love, love into a purifying stream, and surround the globe with it." Through this environmental model characterized by compassion for Mother Earth and all sentient beings, DA.AI has transformed what was once only seen as a problem into a resource, reducing the excessive amount of municipal waste in the world while also minimizing the consumption of natural resources. 

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