DAAI Technology - What We Do

DA.AI Tech develops textiles from recycled raw materials, such as recycled poly chips, recycled polyester fibers, and recycled fabrics. These raw materials are then used to produce eco-products such as clothing, bedding, and other everyday textile products. DA.AI Tech’s production process has received a Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification from the Netherlands' Peterson Control Union for rigorous quality control. To gain GRS certification, all stages of production — from obtaining raw materials to manufacturing and trading the products — must comply with GRS regulations.

DA.AI Technology’s most significant example of product innovation begins with the many extraordinary individuals who put their hearts and souls into building a more responsible, fair, and humane world. Brother Ah of Tzu Chi’s Neihu Recycling Education Center in Taipei has dedicated his life to protecting and improving the environment. Brother Ah and tens of thousands of Tzu Chi volunteers like him collect and sort PET raw materials to be transformed into eco-blankets and assorted clothing.

These eco-friendly blankets filled with love have been distributed during Tzu Chi’s international disaster relief missions since 2006, helping to warm and soothe the aching hearts of survivors who have endured so much.