DAAI Technology Who We Are

As global pioneers of recycled-to-recycled products, DA.AI Technology has dedicated itself to helping resolve global environmental crises through both innovative and compassionate means since its founding on December 10th, 2008.

The day that five forward-thinking entrepreneurs with ties to the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation met was the day a tremendous change for the good was brought forth in the world. 

Before he was Chairman of DA.AI Technology, Huang Huade was Chairman of Texma International, a large textile company with factories in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Shenzhen, and has offices in Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. 

It was after Mr. Huang participated in an international disaster relief mission organized by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation in 1991, however, that he truly became devoted to humanitarian causes. 

This is when he met four more passionate individuals with whom he would provide an answer to the rapidly growing problem of plastic pollution. 

DA.AI follows Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings that humans should “coexist with the Earth,” and, therefore, we do so by using recycled PET bottles as raw material to manufacture our recycled eco-products. This activates a new life cycle for the PET bottles without increasing the total PET volume, and reduces the consumption of natural resources. 

Adhering to and upholding the humanitarian principles which serve as its very foundation, 100% of our net proceeds are donated to charity.