DA.AI has been dedicated to world sustainability since its establishment over a decade ago in 2008. With its eco-products crafted from recycled PET plastic bottles, the company helps to avoid potential environmental crises, as well as the burning and burying of unrecycled PET products. DA.AI has now additionally set out to solve the growing problem of discarded and left-over clothing. 

After obtaining Cradle to Cradle® certification, DA.AI continued to pursue its course of research, and reached a milestone in July of 2015: transforming recycled fabric back to its PET chip form, thus, enabling the creation of new eco-products. A series of products is now available through this process, which consumes fewer resources and less energy than conventional means of production. One item created through this method is the DA.AI eco-blanket. These special blankets made with love are then given to survivors of disasters by Tzu Chi volunteers during relief missions.

Following the patenting of DA.AI's Recycle-To-Recycle® (R2R®) Series in Taiwan, the company officially shifted from a “waste reduction” green brand to a “zero waste” green global role model.

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