Upholding Sustainability Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As many preventative measures have emerged to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, many individuals are discovering new ways to navigate their day with help from technology. 

Chico State University held its annual conference, “This Way to Sustainability,” from March 26-28th, 2020, albeit with a bit of a twist, as it was conducted virtually to accommodate the need for social distancing precautions. After learning of the travel restrictions and public health precautions, the conference setting was shifted from the Bell Memorial Union (BMU) building at Chico State University to an online video conference. Advocates and researchers for global sustainability joined together to discuss the multifaceted perspectives concerning the essential undertaking of caring for the planet.

Researchers and advocates joined the "This Way to Sustainability" conference through a video conferencing app.

During the poster symposium session, young researchers shared their innovative ideas, and community advocates explored varying means for raising awareness. Minjhing Hsieh, the Executive Director of Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest region, brought forth DA.AI Technology’s work on stage and presented the theme of “Trash to Treasure, Recycling to Resilience.”

Minjhing Hsieh, the Executive Director of Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest region, displayed DA.AI Technology's work on stage.

Suffering, desperation, and conflict, are normally seen in disaster situations,” he explained. Through genuine compassion and relief, however, survivors are able to "see relief, hope, and peace

Minjhing Hsieh, Executive Director of Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest Region
During his presentation, Minjhing Hsieh presented several photos from Tzu Chi’s Camp Fire disaster relief mission from November of 2018. “One common thing you see here is the blankets,” he noted. And indeed, the pictures had shown Tzu Chi volunteers handing the signature gray eco-blankets to survivors.
Photos from Tzu Chi's Camp Fire relief mission show Tzu Chi volunteers distributing DA.AI eco-blankets to survivors.

Hsieh had said that many people asked him how the blankets could be so soft and warm. The source of these warming blankets is everywhere, he revealed, for the hands and hearts of many had gone into their creation as volunteers collect discarded PET plastic bottles, and from there, the bottles are recycled and transformed into durable textiles. 

“With the trash you have, you can go one route; I called it a vicious cycle,” Hsieh said, as eventually, the plastics will end up in a landfill, “and that’s the land of suffering, desperation, and conflict.” With DA.AI Technology’s Earth-focused model, plastic waste that would otherwise harm the planet is used to instead benefit society through the creation of everyday items from clothing, to sunglasses, backpacks, and more — and uses fewer natural resources as compared to conventional methods.

Learn more about DA.AI’s compassionate technology and show your support for Mother Earth. 

Written by Huan Xun Chan
Edited by Adriana DiBenedetto

Link to Tzu Chi USA:https://tzuchi.us/blog/experiencing-the-joy-of-volunteering-on-a-disaster-aid-mission-in-louisiana


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