Sincere friendship warms the world and brings home the heart that loves the earth

The love of Tzu Chi volunteers accompanies the Myanmar crew along the way, giving spiritual food Jing Si, DA.AI Eco Super Light-Weighted 4 Wheel Luggage, etc., with full of blessings, the love "box" all the way, and set foot on the road safely The way home.

In October 2019, the Belize-registered freighter "De Yun" docked at Taipei Port, and the first eight crew members were stranded on board because the owner of the missing owner owed wages. With the helplessness of not being able to return home, on September 26 last year, Tzu Chi volunteers received news from the Port Authority and started their journey of companionship for nearly four months. On the 16th of this month, the six Burmese crew members finally let go of their entanglement over salary and returned to their hometown as they wished.

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