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At DA.AI Technology, each recycled eco-item holds a story, and it’s one about love. This great love begins with the 200,000 Tzu Chi volunteers who devote their time and efforts to protecting Mother Earth and all sentient beings. 

Volunteers collect discarded PET plastic bottles one-by-one, and then bring them to one of Tzu Chi’s 9875 environmental stations located across Taiwan. There, volunteers at the stations remove the caps and neck rings from the bottles, stomp them flat, and then send the flattened bottles to mills to be cut into flakes, ground into chips, and then woven into fibers. This is the process from which DA.AI Tech yarn is created, and is used to make eco-products that benefit both the planet and society. 

“This is great! Protecting the planet and doing good deeds brings me happiness.”  

- Su Lu Cai, Tzu Chi Environmental Bodhisattva (Tzu Chi Volunteer)

With more than one million PET plastic bottles sold each minute globally, and 91% of that plastic not being recycled, an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic ultimately ends up in our oceans every year, polluting the environment, and killing millions of marine animals. This puts Mother Earth in jeopardy. DA.AI and Tzu Chi volunteers, however, follow the teachings of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi’s founder. Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s guiding words encouraging humanity to “coexist with the Earth,” are what sparked DA.AI’s essential mission: "Turn trash into gold, gold into love, love into a purifying stream, and surround the globe with it." Environmental Protection Tzu Chi Model

Under this philosophy, a remarkable change for good can be brought into the world for future generations. Therefore, what most only view as a problem, DA.AI has transformed into a resource, reducing the excessive amount of municipal waste while also minimizing the consumption of natural resources. 

DAAI Technology Recycling

“Global warming is severe; we are just contributing a little of what we can.” 

- Chen Jian Fu, Tzu Chi Environmental Bodhisattva (Tzu Chi Volunteer)

As a true green social enterprise and a leader in eco-product manufacturing, DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd. thus reduces the burden that discarded plastic waste items put on Mother Earth through its reclamation process with the help of Tzu Chi volunteers. A new life-cycle is then activated for these recycled plastics by transforming them into everyday necessities, from clothing, to backpacks, to stationery, and more.

One significant distinction between DA.AI and other companies which use recycled materials for their products is that with DA.AI's technology which entirely revolves around compassion, the discarded materials are selflessly collected by dedicated volunteers, and all proceeds from purchases directly aid ongoing charity missions worldwide.DAAI Technology

Indeed, the DA.AI Technology eco-blankets that Tzu Chi relief volunteers give to disaster survivors are not only crafted from 67 recycled PET plastic bottles, but the boundless care and support of all those who were a part of this process.

DAAI Technology Volunteers

“We thank the 200,000 environmental bodhisattvas for being our strongest support, as each one of them is our role model.” 

- Walter Huang, DA.AI Technology Chairman

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